Dec 15, 2014

The Christian Passover - what is it and why is it important for your life?

The Christian Passover - 

what is it and why is it important?

Discover more by watching this week's message by

Pastor David Cross of 

Christian Family Church of Lakeville, MN 

Nov 20, 2014

Discover What God says about "Living by Faith" PART 1 - CFC of Lakeville

Do you know the benefits

Discover more by watching this video...


Join us this SUNDAY - 10 a.m.
Christian Family Church of Lakeville
Meeting at the
Lakeville Heritage Center
20110 Holyoke Ave.
Lakeville, MN 55044

Aug 19, 2014




NEW Christian Family Church of Lakeville Launching 

Sunday, September 14th, 2014

Christian Family Church Meeting at:
Lakeville Lakeville Heritage Center
20110 Holyoke Ave.
Lakeville, MN 55044

Pastors David or Linda Cross

August 20, 2014


Pastors David and Linda Cross Launching New Church 

in Lakeville.

Over their 40 years of marriage, Pastors David and Linda Cross had two children and 
three grandchildren and David said, “We still love and enjoy each other’s company.” 
 Almost 30 years of ministry Linda said, “We still enjoy being pastors and we love the 
Lord, our family and people.”

“We didn’t plan on becoming pastors. That was the farthest thing from our minds.” 
said Linda Cross. Shortly after they married, they moved to Texas, when David 
joined the Air Force. It was there that Linda decided to start going to church. It was 
not what David wanted to do. He fought the whole idea of going to church. According to 
Linda, she never gave up hope and continued to pray for him. 

Then, in 1980, while they  were living in Lexington Ohio and David was working as 
a Regional Manager of a Minnesota manufacturing company, they attended a church 
camp meeting. It was there that David gave his life to the Lord and shortly after that 
he was called into the ministry. “I was praying one day and I said to the Lord, “We need 
a place where we can worship and be taught God’s word.”
I heard, what I perceived as an audible voice of God that day. He said to me,
‘That’s why I have called you to do something about it’. I knew that meant I was to start 

a church and teach God’s word to His people.” 

Pastors David and Linda Cross have been pastors since 1985, when they pioneered 
Harvest Church International in Faribault, MN. They were pastors there for almost 
18 years, when they decided to launch another Harvest Church in Phoenix, AZ. 
They were there for almost 10 years. They are excited and happy to be back in 
Minnesota, close to family and friends and are looking forward to continuing their life 
and ministry in Lakeville.

They are partnering with Founding and Senior Pastors Dr. Timothy V. Peterson
and Rev. Cherrie’ Peterson of Christian Family Church and World Outreach; 

with campuses in Owatonna and Minnetonka.

The Mission of CFC of Lakeville is “Win souls! Make Disciples! Build the Church! 
Pastors David and Linda have a vision to empower the members to be used by God.
 “We are all the Body of Christ and the Lord wants to use everyone to do great things for 
Him!” said Pastor David Cross.

The GRAND OPENING service for CFC of Lakeville starts at 10 a.m.
Sunday, September 14th,
 with contemporary worship, an uplifting and empowering 

message called New Beginnings with God. It’s based on Joshua chapter one, God 
told Joshua to enter the Promised Land. He told him “Moses is dead”.  What was Joshua 
going to do? His leader was no longer there to help lead him enter into the new land which 
was filled with promises and enemies.” Life is filled with opportunities and challenges.  
The question is “What are we going to do with the promises and problems that lay in front of us?” 
says Pastor Cross.

There will be Children’s ministry available for ages 6-12 years, preschool 3-5, 
infants 0-2 years. 

GIFT for all adults and kids who attend.

TACO BAR lunch following the service compliments of
TERESA’S Mexican Restaurant in Lakeville.  

For more information, contact Pastor David and Linda Cross at 952-769-3669 
or visit their website at  

Aug 5, 2014

Marketing Your Products with Video

What do you want to sell? 

Do you have a service or product you want to market online? 


Tips for using video:

  1. Keep it short
  2. Tell your audience what you have
  3. Tell them the benefits
  4. Why can it help them (save money etc)
  5. What it can do for them (Give them more programs etc)
  6. Tell them what you want them to do. (Contact you, sign up for free give-a-way, etc.)
  7. Make sure audio is clear and loud enough
  8. JUST DO IT! Don't procrastinate. It's your #1 worst enemy.
  9. DON'T FUSS ABOUT HOW YOU LOOK AND SOUND! #2 worst enemy. 
 Here's a short video that I created for

If you live in the Phoenix area - check out 
AZ Luxury Ride!

Jul 14, 2014

Are You Using Video in Your Online Marketing?

Marketing with Video

Are you using video to market your business?
If not, why not?

Video is 700 times more effective than print!
Video will help you build trust in your audience.

Video will showcase your product or service in a
way your prospect can receive it.

Video will be more productive and will continue
selling for you 24/7. 

So, why aren't you using video?

If you need help with your marketing - give me a call!

I can help!

Linda Cross
Master Cross Marketing

Feb 10, 2014

PAIN? Natural Pain and Financial Pain? FGX & NEW POWERSTRIPS May Be Your Answer



FGX and their 
DEVICE called 
to both these PROBLEMS!


Do you have PAIN? Have you heard of NEW POWERSTRIPS
Natural Pain Management
Make money by building a team and sell to 130 countries!

Go to to discover more!


Give Linda a call now @ 507-581-4496

To your Health and Success!

Linda Cross

Jan 12, 2014

The Lord Loves You - Linda shares a clip from her time at the Holy Spirit Retreat Center

I spent a couple days at the Holy Spirit Retreat Center seeking the Lord. Had a great time. Here's a short clip from something I felt led to share.

You are loved! Jesus loves you and I love you!  I pray that you would know how much you are loved and know the great price God paid to bring you back into a relationship with Him. He gave His only begotten Son (Jesus) to become a man, die on the Cross, take your sins and mine, He price for our sin, (eternally separated from God and His love and all life), He was buried, raised from the dead on the 3rd day and He is in Heaven, interceding for you and I today! God wants to have a relationship with you! :)

Read John 3:16 and Romans 10:9 & 10
Follow these links....

Jan 10, 2014

Video Clip from Holy Spirit Retreat Center - The Lord takes Care of the Birds and He loves you too!

The Birds - What does God Think about them?

I spent a couple days at the Holy Spirit Retreat Center seeking the Lord recently and here's a short video clip about how the Lord feeds the birds and wants to use you too!

Click on the Picture or this link
to watch the video...


Linda Cross


Key for a Happy Healthy Marriage - Part 5 "MEN, How to be Velvet and Steel"

Do you struggle in your relationship with your spouse?
Is there something missing in your marriage and you don't have a clue what to do?

Don't fret - Watch Dr. Tim and Cherrie' Peterson's 
Here's part 5 

Nov 21, 2013

Do You Want A Great Marriage? Communication is KEY

Do you want a better marriage? Is so, it just doesn't HAPPEN! You have to work at it. 
It's like your body, if you eat everything and don't exercise your muscles get flabby and your heart and other organs suffer and break down. 

Our marriage is a living organization. It's a union of two people who are united as one. 
Take two personalities, two wills and put them together to work as one and you could have lot of fireworks - POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE!

When we put down our will and desires and take on a new attitude of cooperation and union for the benefit of the family and the relationship, things will take on a new perspective. 

Communication is KEY to having a good or great relationship. Without it there isn't a great relationship, for it takes communication to create a great relationship.

Here's a video I recently filmed of Pastor Tim and Cherrie Peterson from
Christian Family Church with campuses in Owatonna, MN & Minnetonka, MN, talking about the importance of communication. I hope you'll watch!

Until next time....

Linda Cross

Nov 16, 2013

Benefits of Marketing Online with Video

I recently moved my blog to
and had to move all my articles over. I copied and pasted them here...
but still have to add the videos and any missing info. 

You can find the videos on my Youtube channel. 

Here they are:

The benefits of marketing online with video are: 
  • Builds trust in your audience
  • Create interest
  • Allows you to ask for what you want
  • 800 times more powerful then TEXT!
The more you post with video the more you'll get known! The more you post the more Google will find you and your rankings will go up on Google.
What do you need for video?
Don't wait until you have equipment and a budget - start with your cell phone!

My advice to those who are wanting to market online with video is "JUST DO IT!"
Don't get all weird about how you look or how perfect it is. People like it to be real. Keep things real and people will be able to relate to you. They are tired of CBS and NBC high quality, fakeness (I just made that up) lol. ...

Have you had life changes in the past five years? Were they positive or negative?

One thing in life is inevitable - that is CHANGE!

Are you wanting to have more freedom? Do you want to make yourself wealthy - instead of your boss?

It is possible with a home-based business to make some good money.  It's also possible to struggle.  Let's look at the negatives and the positives to having a home-based business. 

I have been working from home full-time since 2005.  It is great. But it is also work! That means that I  have to treat it like work.  I have to be hard on myself - because I'm the boss and I have to tell myself what to do.   So, if you don't like to be hard on yourself, you may not want a home-based business.  What I've learned about myself and others through the years is the reason I and others don't succeed at times is because of lack of discipline.

Let's look at discipline. When we have a job, we know that if we don't get up in the morning, our boss will fire us. When we are our own boss, we can be easy on ourselves because after all you're not going to fire yourself - are you?   

Many people who choose to work at home,  join an MLM, or market online decide to do it part-time. Which is probably a good idea, just to see if it's for you.  After a few weeks or months and you aren't making any money - "What am I doing or not doing that I should do? Why am I not making any money?" The answer usually comes down to "busy" doesn't equate to being profitable. 

Profitability only happens when we do the things that equal results, which most of the time is things that we don't like to do - like talk to a prospect about our product or service, and or follow up with someone that we've already talked to.

Or, it may be something like finishing a job that needs to be done.  My problem comes from taking on too many jobs and then not finishing the one I started. Or having too many websites and blogs and not being effective with any one of them. 

I think it's therapeutic to take time and assess my own short-comings every so often, because if I'm not honest with myself, I can't be profitable.  

So, the bottom line is - if you want to have a home-based business and be profitable - you have to be disciplined and honest with yourself and do regular assessments of your day, week, month and year.

That's all for now.

Until next time,

Linda Cross

Welcome to my blog! 

I am a woman, wife, mother, grandmother, entrepreneur, business woman, minister and most importantly a friend. 

My four passions are: ministry, media, marketing and my kids! (And Grandkids!)

I enjoy hiking, biking, traveling, playing piano and singing, writing, blogging, photography and videography.  My favorite movie is "It's a Wonderful Life", because it shows how our lives can impact the world.  My desire is to use my life to make a positive impact in people's lives. 

Hope you will learn and enjoy the blog. 

Live, love and laugh,


Linda shares the first half of the video conference with
 some strategies on dealing with change and in the
2nd half David McPherson shares his life story
of being homeless to many successes in his life.

Don't know what to do? 

Stuck in a rut? 

We all need a mentor/coach! 

 If you don't have someone encouraging you - give me a call!

To Your Success! 

Linda Cross 

Do you have a service or product you want to market online?

Use video!

Many people have never had a massage and would never consider
getting one because they don't know what it's like. Fear of the unknown
keeps us away from a lot of things.

Video takes away the fear and makes us feel comfortable with the decision
to call and make an appointment 

Video is a powerful medium, so when you are ready to start your video career in online marketing, ask yourself, “What is my purpose in creating this video? What do I want my audience to know, feel and do?”  
If you want your viewers to be entertained, then entertain, if you want them to be moved to action, then that will take more thought and preparation. Or maybe you are preparing an information video and you want them to take action and buy something. All of these require thought before you create them.
I’m currently working with a group of pre-teen girls and I’m teaching them video production, acting and producing a show with them called “JC’s Angels”. The purpose of the show is to teach them about working with digital video and how to use it for creating something that will not only entertain, but also provide a positive message for girls their age around the world.  
I’m having a blast working with a bunch of 9 year old girls. Talk about creativity and energy. I wish I could bottle that’s priceless! I am inserting the video for you to watch of their first newscast. This was all created by them. I just turned on the camera and they performed! 

Today, I also shot a video about “My Favorite App” on my Smartphone. I’m providing valuable content to someone out there who may be thinking about getting a Smartphone and/or just wants to know about another cool app. 
When we provide value in our video, it will cause our audience to #1 watch, #2 come back to see more and #3 pass it on.
“How To” videos are very popular and I recommend finding something you know about and blogging and shooting a video of yourself talking or demonstrating it.  
From these videos you can then instruct your audience on what you want them to do, whether it’s go to your website, watch a webinar, vote, buy something, or whatever it is that you are marketing online. 
I hope today’s blog gave you some ideas as to what you can do with video.  Tomorrow I will talk about some of the first things you must do to get started, and that’s get a Gmail and Youtube account set up. It’s easy and fun to have your own Youtube channel.

Until next time...
Live, love and laugh...

Linda M. Cross

Today I want to talk about our ARCH ENEMY - at least when it comes to Internet marketing and using video.  How do I know what the enemy is? Because I have to combat this enemy everyday myself. 

How do we fight our number one arch enemy when it comes to Internet marketing and using video?   It’s really very easy - “JUST DO IT!”  If we take time to THINK about it, our thoughts will AUTOMATICALLY go in the direction of the NEGATIVE.  I’m emphasizing these words because it is imperitive that we take ACTION RIGHT AWAY or we will TALK YOURSELF OUT OF DOING ANYTHING!!

Motivation takes place AFTER you take action. We can't WAIT for ourselves to FEEL like writing a blog, or creating a video, because I am speaking from experience
that I will find a “hundred and one” reasons why not to do it.  For me the biggest thing in doing video is having to get dressed up, put my makeup on and get my material ready.  If I think about it, I don't FEEL like it for sure.  

As an Internet marketer, I work from home and many times I don't get dressed up in the morning.  I wear my most comfortable black fuzzy pants, and I don't bother with makeup. I love Internet marketing and working from home....but I also have to MAKE myself DO STUFF, because I don't have a boss standing over me telling me what to do. I AM THE BOSS!  That means I have to be TOUGH on MYSELF. And I don't always FEEL like it. OK, I NEVER really FEEL like it. I like to be EASY on myself.  (Sorry to those of you who are annoyed by my emphasizing words, I am trying to get a point across).  We are usually easiest on ourselves and that is a problem!  If we want to do Internet marketing, it will require DISCIPLINE and we (I) don't like the word!!

So, how do we handle our number one arch enemy?  By not allowing him to set up a fortress of negative and unprofitable thoughts in our mind. That's what happens when we don't take action right away, and we allow time to pass before doing the thing we know we are to do.  A fortress of negative thoughts are built up in our minds!

That fortress, like the walls created in ages past to protect cities, have instead become built up in our minds and have become the fortresses that are keeping us from action. They have made us the prisoners, by our own choosing.

I heard today that from some training I was listening to, that the people who move and exercise daily get more things done. Why? Because they are in motion. It's like a locomotive that sitting on the tracks, it's hard to move. It takes another train to push it to get strarted, but you get it in motion and you can't stop it! I heard someone say that a small board can on the track can keep the train from moving, but when it's in motion, a cement wall can't stop it.  

I recommend a book called “DO IT” by John, Roger and Peter McWilliams.  It's one of those books that is on the top of my book list to read again.  I recently picked it up and have started reading for 2012.  I do it because I have to be reminded, just like all of us that if I want something different in my life, I HAVE to DO something different. 

Here's a quote from page 5, “Why aren't we living our dreams? Because there is something we are trained to honor more than our dreams: THE COMFORT ZONE. (My emphasis).  

We like the comfort zone...but if we can associate PAIN with the comfort zone, and reason that NOT doing what we know to do will equal NO MONEY, which means NO FREEDOM, which means working for someone else who holds the whip and chains, it can motivate us to action.  Or if you are motivated by PLEASURE, look at it this way: “I get to have money and freedom to do what I want, buy what I want, go where I want, just because I am willing to DO what it takes NOW!' Instead of letting those negative thoughts time to build up a fortress in our minds.  And just “DO IT!”

This is how we will DEFEAT our arch enemy number one, and we will be a much happier people because the energy that we wasted on those negative thoughts and the unhealthy chemicals we released in our body by worrying and thinking about those things we should be doing or haven't done will be GONE and a new healthier person appears.  One that has disciplined him/herself to ACT on those things we know we should be doing. 

So, in regards to our Internet marketing business and creating videos...”JUST DO IT”. I'm putting down the keyboard and picking up my camera right now to make a video of this lesson for everyone to watch if you so desire. I'll be uploading it to my YOUTUBE channel VIDEOSBYLINDAC, so hope you'll watch. 

Until next time....

To your success in life! 

Linda Cross

P.S. I got some of this information from my MLSP online marketing training course I'm taking and loving it!  MLSP has hours and hours of training by the most successful marketers on the Internet today. I have literally been spending hours a day and night listening to them because I know that to have something different, I have to DO something different. 

We are all creatures of habit, and we all love pleasure and avoid pain. 

The key to successful marketing online with video is to create videos everyday, or as often as you can.  This is simple if you love what you are doing. So, to make it fun, pick a topic you love! 

We associate work with pain. But hobbies and recreation we associate with pleasure.  I have found that when selecting a topic for your videos, pick something that is fun...that you enjoy doing. If you like to fish, then create your video on the lake. It’s a great backdrop and you’ll never run out of stuff to say.

For me, I enjoy working with youth. They are so full of energy and are so creative. And, I love to work with my granddaughter Sarah and her cousins. Recently, I started a girls group and they wanted to call is, “JC Angels”.  We have been meeting for four weeks now, every Sunday.  I decided to see ask them if they wanted to do something with video...and they all said “YES!”  The next thing you know we are creating a newscast...and now this week we are working on a whole show.  It’s amazing what you can do when everyone is having fun.

Please read their new blog and see their videos @

My recommendation is to find a topic you enjoy and start filming. 

Next, we will talk about how that you can build an audience.

Until next time....

Live Life and Laugh

Linda Cross

Today there are so many ways to edit video. You can upload your video from your FLIP camera (I have one and recommend it) and edit it right on your Youtube channel.  

Or, you can get FREE online editing software (just Google FREE video editing software) and you can be in business editing in no time.

For those MAC lovers, (which I’m one of them!) there is Imovie and Final Cut Pro for editing your videos.  I have been using Final Cut Pro since 1998, when I started FCTV, a community television channel in Faribault, MN., but recently I have started using IMovie because of it’s ease of use, built in themes, music and sound effects. In today’s world you have to be able to edit fast and have it look good. For that reason, I’m enjoying IMovie and using is about 1/2 the time now.

The video above was created for AZ Luxury Ride. They are a local luxury limousine service in Phoenix, AZ. It is owned by Lucas Muturi.
I recommend Lucas and his service. He and his wife Lucy are great people. They are also the Founders of Homes of Hope International, a foundation that feeds, clothes and provide shelter for orphans in Africa. 
(See )

If you are using video and want to get noticed, then experts recommend that you create a video everyday. That is a lot of work!!
What I have found that works for me, is to use a camera , like the FLIP and editor that is easy to use, and looks good too, like Imovie.

Until next time...


We all tell our friends about the movie we saw last night - if we liked it.  (And even if you didn’t).  How about  that new smartphone you bought this week - you show it off to everyone.  On the other side, if you had bad service at a restaurant, you tell others about it too. Or if you had great service, you want others to go there too.

There’s power in a testimony. It is your story - what you like about a person, place, product, service, etc. 

If you want to promote your business, let someone else do it for you. Third party verification is always better than you blowing your own horn. 

Video is always better than a picture or just plain text, because it involves visual, along with tone and passion (or lack of it).  

Here’s a video I created for a Chiropractor that I’m marketing for.  As you watch, you’ll see the excitement and enthusiasm that he has for Chiropractic service and how it has helped him.  

Video is powerful to convey emotion and to motivate others to take action. 

Until next time,

Linda Cross

Jun 15, 2013

VideosByLindaC | Overcoming Fear - Fear has Torment - Don't be tormented...

Are you tormented by FEAR?

You don't have to be! 
I know - I had a SPIRIT OF FEAR that was 

Discover how I GOT RID OF IT and SO CAN YOU!

Watch this video below...

Discover how you can be free! :)

Blessings and love,

Linda Cross

Jun 1, 2013

Chester and Betsy Kylstra | It's Supernatural with Sid Roth | Four Keys ...

Want to get free from your past and generational curses.
Watch It's Supernatural with Sid Roth...